Important Dates

  • Registration and abstract submission opens: January 2019, 14th
  • Abstract submission deadline : April 15th, 2019
  • Notification of acceptance : April 15th, 2016

Online Abstract submission

Please read carefully the instructions below before submitting your abstract:

a) Any abstract already published or presented in the past cannot be presented at the GAM congress
b) Any oral presentation, presented by someone else than the main author or one of the co-authors will lead to the exclusion for the 2 coming years of the given authors.

2 – BEWARE :

Only abstracts of registered participants will be accepted.
When submitting your abstract you accept to respect the following guidelines :
  1. The text should not exceed 300 words with neither tables nor figures.
    It should be presented as a text with single spacing.
  2. The text should be presented as follow : 
    Material and Methods
  3. Do not forget key words, themes and to complete the field « name of your chief department or laboratory ». If this field is non-applicable, please type « Non-applicable ».
  4. Abstracts rating being anonymous, therefore the text and title of your abstract should not contain any mention permitting to identify the authors. All co-authors should accept the submitted abstract.
In case of failure to respect these regulations, the scientific committee will not review and mark the submitted abstract

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